TechnoAlpin leverages ADDDAM’s advanced aluminium additive manufacturing competencies to cut development cost for next-gen snowmaking system

As technologies evolve, developing and optimizing products stays a crucial factor in a competitive market.

Due to their innovation-driven development approach, TechnoAlpin turned to ADDDAM for the realization of new, optimized versions of their already existing die-casted nozzle valves with complex geometries. For slight but effectful optimization, investing in a new die casting mold would have been too risky and taken too much time. With the help of the ADDDAM team, TechnoAlpin was enabled to reproduce the optimized product in a short period of time.

Fast iterations

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an enabling technology to ensure a better and more realistic prototype test that can make the difference in the development process with its considerable freedom in design and flexibility. It also opens the opportunity to realize different prototypes at the same time with different optimization approaches. This avoids making big investments in tooling in a cost-intense early stage of a project.

Accelerated testing

ADDDAM was able to transform their AM competences in aluminium processing into added value for TechnoAlpin. Production and assembly lead to successful field testing under roughest conditions throughout the winter on the Schnals glacier in South Tyrol – another proof that AM is already a production ready technology for end-use parts.

After slight design adjustments and changes after the testing results TechnoAlpin was able to validate their design optimization and produce the component via high pressure die-casting. This process significantly accelerated research to deliver a convincing outcome for a fluid carrying system and is likely also applicable to a variety of other industries.

About the companies

Technoalpin is the world leader in snow making systems, based in Bolzano (IT) with 2500 costumers all over the world. Their TR and TT fan gun series combine top-quality snow with optimum use of resources and supreme usability.

ADDDAM GmbH unifies the competences of the Technicon group in the field of additive manufacturing, with the know-how of Alupress AG and Durst AG in die-casting, precicion engineering and fluid dynamics field.